24 April 2012

I'm so offended

Jeanne Moos: a lady who isn't afraid to call an Amelia Earhart an Amelia Earhart.


22 April 2012

Yeah, WHY?

Well, I'm really excited. Several people have left favorable reviews of BH at Amazon, and I am grateful to them for their kind words and BH promotivity. But today I noticed that someone else is not so pleasedQuoth Sus:

Why would anyone suffer the way the author did, just to feed their babies breast milk? How terrible that she didn't enjoy the first year with her baby(s). Why?

Hard to believe I wasted 45,347 perfectly cromulent words trying to answer that question, and in this economy too! Thanks for those two stars, Sus; they're the coolest thing I've gotten all day. :)

At least we have each other.

13 April 2012

Boob Hell meets Motherlove, no joke

My countless Facebook disciples know that all my life's a book tour. After scouting the Roosevelt National Forest as a nursing venue this morning (approved), I was surprised to find myself driving by a sign that said "Motherlove." It was a sign. Oh, I already said that.

LaPorte, Colorado: a real place!

So my current dairy patron and I stopped in with a copy of tomorrow's bestseller, Boob Hell. We got to meet the mother of Motherlove Herbal Company, Kathryn Higgins, and tour the facility. The shelves and boxes loaded with all kinds of natural "Get Out Of Boob Hell Or Don't Even Go There In the First Place" potions were powerful inspiring. Nothing like a lovely meeting with the gracious and successful proprietress of a commendable product line to make you know you're getting the better end of your own book tour. Thanks to Kathryn and all the ladies at Motherlove for their kind reception of a crazy person who walks in off the street with a glurky baby and a goofy book.

02 April 2012

Earth Mamas get me good

Ahem. Someone has been kind enough to point out to me that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about. Turns out the idea is to discourage "You're not doing it right"ers within the ranks of breastfeeding experts. Oh yeah, I kind of wrote a book about how mad I was about that kind of thing. Sorry, Earth Mamas. I dum dum, and I am all for encouraging aspiring breastfeeders to get the job done however they can make it work.