help i'm in boob hell and i'm the saddest person alive

First of all, I'm really, really sorry. SO sorry.

The main thing I learned from all this is that there are some things where you're truly on your own. Nursing is one of them. There's probably little advice you haven't already heard or read or hunted down like a madwoman, so I won't add to that roar.

All I've got is: whatever happens, it's OK. Your baby will be OK. No one but you can survive or not survive Boob Hell for the two of you. I survived, but I don't know how and I don't feel like I deserve any credit for it. If you don't survive, I understand, and so does any other reasonable person who's been to Boob Hell. Anybody who makes you feel bad about it is a jerk. Try to be nice to her because she doesn't know that you already feel more than bad enough without her help.

Vaya con Dios. I hope you make it, and I get it if you don't. Whatever happens, I would still totally be your friend if I knew you, unless you're a psycho in some other way.


  1. I went to boob hell with my first. I was already ticked enough that birth had been as bad as it was, anyone who says you can brainwash yourself into not feeling pain during the birth or claims they didn't feel any is a liar. OK, maybe some don't feel pain, but I don't know how. If pain could kill I should be long dead. But boob hell is it's own beast. I remember my husband coming into the room at about 4 days pp and stopping dead in his tracks as I sat nursing with severely engorged food sources. He just stared. I'm pretty sure I allowed my nursling to come off so I could spray him out of the room. :D haha. Cabbage leaves were my best friend and I'm pretty sure I can still smell them. gah. Thanks for this book. I will buy copies for all first time moms: why don't we get warned?!

  2. Buy copies for all first time moms I know that is, haha, not all first time moms reading this ;D


Being nice is nice.