10 July 2012

Who would read this thing?

The truth is, I don't know that I really recommend this book as a maternity or baby shower gift for a first time mom. It's kind of like telling a pregnant lady about your horrible birth experience. It just scares and/or annoys her. Not that helpful.

BUT--I do think it would be a really good postpartum gift. Whether or not a mom is in Boob Hell, postpartum is a lonely time. Another postpartum mom could be comforting company, even if she's a self-obsessed psycho. Postpartum moms who are nursing are usually in some state of boob discomfort and can relate at that level too.

Most important, a postpartum mom needs LOTS OF GIFTS; way more than she needed when she was pregnant, although she didn't know it then. Buy her fourteen or fifteen copies so she can build some kind of arty structure and pin it. Tell her to make sure the cover is clearly visible.

Still life with Boob Hell

01 July 2012

Because researchers are dumb.

Dr. Amy and I have our differences, but I think she is 100% right in her post "Why do breastfeeding researchers ignore the obvious?" She was even nice enough to supply the pullquote herself:

The dirty little secret about breastfeeding is that starting is hard, painful, frustrating and inconvenient. And continuing breastfeeding is hard, sometimes painful, and incredibly inconvenient especially for women who work, which in 2012 is most women.

Read it all here.