18 March 2012

Weirdest breastfeeding products ever

I have this brilliant insight about how breastfeeding has succeeded in propagating itself by getting capitalist, but I'll spare you the analysis for now and just provide some of the stranger examples.

The Baby Bond Nursing Sash.

This is supposed you let you see your whole baby while still covering you up. I cannot begin to imagine how such a thing could work. And is it just me, or is this lovely mother not really that covered up?

Milkies Milksaver.

The Milksaver collects milk from your spare while the other's working. I'm not saying this isn't a good idea, but it's still weird.


I actually own a pair of these. Unlike my messy, bulky, and expensive nursing pads, they have been in the back corner of my underwear drawer for 6+ years. Judging from the product reviews, though, that makes ME weird.

Does it have to be Butter? Does it have to be Boobies? This kind of thing is how I know I'm inorganic. One more from the Earth Mamas, if it's really a product:

Sure, breastfeeding judgers are jerks and very stupid. Kind of their problem, though.

Another one I have trouble imagining in action. I love breastfeeding diagrams, though. I'm also glad that now pillows have pillows.

Definitely not my style. But if I saw your baby wearing one, I would laugh my butt off and give you $5.


  1. How about the photos on the side bar of that Earth Mamas site? What makes any woman want to have posed nude pregnant photos taken of her???

  2. The Po' Folks' breast pillow: wad up a washcloth and shove it under your boob.

  3. I'm just curious to know why the first woman is standing up to nurse? I never could figure out how anyone was able to do that . . . Maybe someone should make a diagram for that.

  4. You're ALL inorganic. (Leah 2--the only really open public nurser I ever saw was a lady trotting down the sidewalk with a HUGE sideways child. It was so strange I didn't figure out what was going on until after they passed me. This occurred in the same town as BH.)

  5. I'm afraid I do chase after disobedient, mischievous children while the baby is still attached. But never in public. And I think I started that after the third.

  6. I thought the idea of a cheeky chummy was so funny, I decided to start making them. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  7. I have the milk savor its so cool but i always forgot i had it on n would bend over to put my son down n would go oh crap n spill all my bm all over lol.


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