12 November 2012

Worth what?

Maybe you noticed the "worth it" down at the bottom of the BH cover. One person told me she liked it, but I've never been sure myself how much I liked it. I fear that it gives the wrong impression.

The impression I do not mean to give is, "Breast milk is the fluid than which none higher can be conceived! My baby's life would have been ruined without it!"

What I mean to say is, "I don't know if I could have lived with myself if I had quit," because at the time, I pretty much believed that impression just north there.

Boob Hell was worth it because I would have hated myself so much if I'd given up on breastfeeding, and even more because I'd have lived in constant fear that other people thought less of me for having given up. But I still have to wonder what a personal, subjective insecurity is really worth.

Thanks, internet.

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  1. I was taken in by the same line of thinking about breastfeeding with my first baby. I did quit under circumstances somewhat similar to yours, and I spent probably the first two years of my oldest child's life wondering if he was irreparably damaged due to my "failure." Looking back, I have decided that while it would have been worthwhile to see a lactation consultant, which I didn't, I did not ruin his life. Seriously though, if it was worth it to you, does it really make a difference why it was worth it?

    BTW, for the first couple of chapters your book, I kept thinking, gee, I hope someone tells her about gentian violet! I totally admire your persistence (and your husband's patience)!


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