20 October 2012

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be selling a book here or something

My mom is really good at selling things. She is so good at it that she gets paid a ton of money by a commercial company you've almost certainly heard of to teach people how to sell things. Unfortunately I didn't get the "selling things" gene, which makes for some awkward conversations when my mom asks how my book is selling.

Selling things makes me feel like I'm defrauding people. If they REALLY wanted this thing, they'd have tracked it down and bought it already, right? But, come on. I really wanted to read Boob Hell when I was there and I know other people are in BH right now feeling like so miserable. It's a matter of finding them. In fact, I have no desire for non-boob hellions to read it because they'd think really stupid things about it. So we're all above board here.

Nevertheless, I must find the boob hellions and sell them the book, which is where this post comes in. I made one of those badge thingies that all the cool blogs have. So if you've been there and have some very modest desire to alert people that you lived through something awful that they don't think even matters and you should basically never allude to or think about, you can have a badge for it, and I can tell my mom I did something to try to sell my book. I made a tab for it and everything. Wow, that was gratifying.



  1. Suppose I want to add this to my blog but don't know how. (I'm just playing a part, mind you.)
    No, actually, I'm serious. How about a little how-to here in the comments? :)

  2. For Blogger, you go to Layout, find where it says "add a gadget," and select the HTML/Java option. Copy that whole mess and paste it into the box. I don't know if or how it works for Wordpress or anything else. Don't tell Mom I'm doing such a bad job.

  3. Well, copying worked but pasting did not. However, typing was successful.


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