21 October 2012

Cliches of breastfeeding

Breast is best rhymes and is more or less true so we probably won't be able to do much about this one.

Nursing like a champ in reference to a latchy newborn. Are there nursing championships? How does one enter? What is the prize? Why does everyone say this?

Liquid gold designating colostrum. I think this might have originated in The Womanly Art, but I gave my copy away to a boob hell mom once my couch lost enough legs that I didn't need the book to prop it up any more. Incidentally, TWA is one of the books I see most often on the shelf at my nearest Goodwill. Haven't seen BH  there yet.

I'm pretty concerned that breastfeeding lit won't become a serious subgenre until we get past these.

Oh, now I get it!


  1. Hurts like hell? -ellee wait...

  2. But we would never say that though.


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